** New/Ancient Communication as Co-creation

In communications , CODES are informations from a source converted into symbols to be communicated... then
Decoding becomes a process, converting these code-symbols back into information understandable by a receiver.

Here as an artist I stand in between the mysterious source and the human thinking.
And because Art indirectly explores and investigates principles of reality transcending the mental frames of any particular sciences and conventional believes. It is also concerned with adventuring into the ultimate nature of being and the world .

Lots of these "symbols" have and hold unique energies to convey specific attuning states beyond what words can translate or convey.

Sometime we can see our mental-ego being controlled by the media which more likely has little to do with our true self... could we more naturally tune to a source related to a vast ultimate cosmic order? can we perceive any emissions that would be generated and hold all universal elements in harmony.
We here may more fully enjoy life... and if we listen peacefully we may hear/see/feel some clues and guidance... and join/participate in this cosmic endless Creation?

Here below is a tel-empathic message decoded into human mental words, from an intuitive non verbal "conversation" with the whales.
It is a well translated explanation that stirs our imagination of the possibilities of experiencing such codes.

" The whales understand the synthesis of consciousness. As we come together, there is no separation between whales and humans.
As whales, we call ourselves thought forms or symbols, or you could call us access-codes in the unconscious. Coming into rapport with the whales is not an easy task. Human beings are used to thinking of themselves as separate. Your history and your programming goes back millenniums to the appearance of the physical body. It reinforces this illusion. However, we whales are not accustomed to thinking of ourselves as separate.

In truth, we find ourselves merging with you more often and with greater ease. Soon you will no longer distinguish between what is your space and what is the universal pool. You have wanted to experience the greater Mind. You may be surprised that it happens to you this way, with the whales. We whales draw from your language, your vocabulary and your memories in order to make this communication possible. You are beginning to realize, as we have always, that there is no separate " I " . Be open to the power of our beaming into your psyche.

What we are doing is not channeling. It is a loosening of limits, a transparency of the ego-mind so that the higher Mind might shine through. It is about coming into contact with large banks of data in the unconscious, through the use of archetypes. The archetype being used here is the whale. We whales serve as a symbol that allows the mind to go deeply into the universal mind and draw out information. Who you are speaking with is not a physical being, a whale body, in the sense that you understand that term, but instead, a collection of ideas, being expressed and experienced without the presence of a body.
A physical being is not necessary for this communication. We are living ideas coming from deep levels within the unconscious. You may think that ideas come from the brain of a person. But ideas can have a life of their own. They can be living entities. When those ideas are coalesced within a matrix of honesty, truth, integrity, honor, love, peace and joy, those ideas reflect the One, the divine Spirit. So share your ideas and inspirations. Let the higher Mind speak and shine through you."


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