B o u l e   d e   R ê v e   — Part II


"Go now if you want, Dreampearl.  I promise that I'll come and join you later."

     With a powerful thrust of her tail, she helped send him on his way.  Dreampearl leaped up very high, then dived into the sea.  He went down deeper and deeper towards the bottom, deeper than he had ever gone before, to a place where no one had ever gone before him.  It was very dark at such a depth, as dark as the blackest night without a single star.  But Dreampearl was not afraid.  

    La Chute vers L'Abime     

When he finally came to the bottom of the sea, he lunged upwards with a powerful thrust of his tail.

     With a long happy cry, he rose up faster and faster towards the surface, then he burst from the rosy water like a champagne cork.

     L'envolee Brillante

At last, his huge blue wings were unfolded, and they swelled with the wind like sails.

     He wrenched himself from the atmosphere of Earth, and took off like a rocket. . .

     Soon he was just a tiny blue speck in the sky.  He flew so fast that in only seconds he had reach the Sun.  He greeted it from the corner of his eye and continued on his way.  He encountered planets, moons, and the galaxies billions of stars.

     He flew faster and faster.  He was so light, so happy.  His great blue wings were splendid and powerful, and when he dropped through the black hole of our galaxy, he knew he had slipped across to the other side of things.

     He started dancing like a great blue butterfly.  Every stroke of his wings stirred billions of stars that flayed in the night.  Soon the whole sky was luminous, shining as brightly as snow in the sun.  Dreampearl simply floated overwhelmed.  It was so easy, so sweet just to be there, to be happy.

    La Cite de Corail

     Soon he was surrounded by pastilles of every color that showed him the way of the Crystal Planet.  It was such an unusual planet.  Dreampearl could hardly believe his eyes.  The planet was. . . transparent!

L'ile aux Parfums    

     Inside the crystal he saw an intense rosy glimmer that throbbed like a giant's heart and lighted up the night.  Dreampearl's heart started beating as well at exactly the same rhythm.

"At last!" he told himself.  "I'm home!"

  Le Theatre Aquatique  

     Everywhere, huge fountains started gushing all together.  It was not water, though, that rose up to the sky, but music!   Dreampearl was astonished.   But then. . .  Yes, he recognized the music!    It was . . .  It was the music of the rosy sunbeam! 


     At last, he was truly hearing the music, he was inundated with it!  The music was so beautiful!  His eyes sparkled with rose-colored tears.  Dreampearl began to sing with the music, to sing as only dolphins can.  It was a marvelous song.  His song.  And it seemed to him that thousands of voices had joined his voice;  thousands of new friends all singing the same song, but in a thousand different ways and with a thousand shades of difference.  It was more wonderful than anything he could have imagined.

L'Arbre Eternel   


     More and more often, I find myself thinking about Dreampearl and the Crystal Planet.  I am sure that one day I too will hear the magic song.  I am told that it travels about by echo, from galaxy to galaxy, and that one day it will come to us.  And so I open my ears and I open my heart, and I turn them towards the sky like a gigantic antenna.  And I listen. . .

  Au pays du corail que pense     

     When the magic song will finally touch the Earth, all the sorrows in the world will disappear, carried away by the shining boundless rosy beam.  And then the moment will come when every flower in the world bursts into bloom.


Fleurs de Mer


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Dalai Lama receiving the book from Marc, a child with terminal cancer at the Montreal Congrès International on Death.


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