This journey started with a dream.....and a challenge.
The challenge came from Spirit asking "Are you ready for Molokai?"
My answer...could it finally be time?

I had thought a few years ago I was going to of the seven Hawaian islands, but one relatively free of tourism and only inhabited by about 8,000 people, many still living off some form of agriculture.

But confusion about plane tickets left me not boarding the flight to Molokai but flying instead to the Big Island --- and at the time everyone. said "Molo-- what?"....and those living in the islands asked in disbelief : "But WHY would you want to go there???? There is NOTHING there!"

To that question I did not really know the answer. Something undefinable was pulling me there…. something mysterious, as though the island had a veil over it, a veil that kept it shrouded in secrecy...and a veil that seemed to sternly whisper: "Keep Out". That in itself was a challenge to my spirit of adventure, but yet something about it frightened me. Why did the island seem so uninviting to the outsider, so impenetrable?

Now a few years after this missed trip to Molokai, Spirit seemed ready to send me again -- but was there really an invitation to go from the island itself???? Right away I knew that this trip would involve the Dragon -- and an opening of Dragon Spirit, Dragon Consciousness, perhaps even a portal to the Dragon World itself. But what was Molokai's connection to the Dragon???


I began my search for Dragon energy and Dragon haunts with Google Earth.
The island itself looked spectacular -- the world's tallest seacliffs plunged dramaticaly 2000 feet to the Pacific, a range of jungle covered mountains rose and fell in 3500 foot spikes...making almost a third fo the island virtually inacessible. IT was this eastern end of the island that I first flet pulled to by the energy of the in the way that land still held its secrecy thru its ruged terrain I certainly felt that the Dragon could have been kept alive....kept secret and away from the harm of Man.

IN my research I discovered that in the stories of old Hawaii there was even a Hawaiann dragon -- called the Mo'o. Described abit like a Komodo Dragon, this four legged creature loved in the sea or in soem of the many pools of water at the base of waterfalls that add such beauty ot the Hawaian islands. As no physical creature as large as this has ever been seen in the islands, the Hawaians surmise that perhaps their Mo'o is some type of descendant of the Komodo Dragon. ON the surface this creature did not appear to be able to fly, though, as it had no wings.....yet my intuition told me differently....there was a way it could take flight.

Here is where one might wonder what are simply legends or myths of ancient peoples, and what really has a basis in reality. My own opinion is that all these ancient myths and legends are a way to pass on knoweldge that is inherently true...but aht perhaps the forms and what they describe has since been lost in the mists of time.

Using the word Mo'o as a clue I began to search Hawaian place names that might contain the word Mo'o in them. Indeed there were many scattered about teh island.....and this gave me further confirmation that indeed Molokai held the Dragon Energy codified in its language....and the language names had sprung from the stories that the people knew to be true about certain physical locales on the island. Searching other islands I did not see the same language clues related to the Mo'o in such prevalence.

In my quest to unlock the secret of the Dragon held within Molokai I came upon an interesting little quote in an old book: "My people were Mo'o people, people of the dragon>". What? There were PEOPLE called Dragon people, Mo'o people???? I didn't really understnad this, although I began to understand more when I learned that originally the people of the Hawaian islands, who had traveled from the Marquesas islands, came in clans....and the Mo'o were a particular clan of people.

This idea of the Mo'o people sent a deep resonance through my body. Something in that idea...of their being a people who saw themselves AS Mo'o, as bonded to Mo'o, thru the eyes of the Mo'o -- there wasa very ancient song or chant ringing through my body that asked me to KNOW again...what had been hidden FROM MY OWN CONSCIOUS MIND for so long........

With these chants that I could not recall ringing inside me, I knew that Molokai was indeed a land of the Mo'o, of a type of dragon, and it was calling me to specific places to re-discover something forgotten to me...and perhaps many others.


And yet, while feeling pulled into this quest for the Dragon of Molokai...I also felt pushed away from the island....and scared of what was there. I would think at times, in the midst of my planning the trip, "But I DON"T WANT TO GO!!!"....and then my conscious mind would jump in saying..."But then WHY are you planning to go" ......what was so scary???

First, I could feel a very strong veil that was wrapped around the pushed people away, kept people out, I was sure. Well, eventually I was to discover that the people on Molokai in fact did not want visitors, new inhabitants, or tourists. The tourist business was very little compared to most other islands, and the people were just fine with that. Bumper stickers read "Visit...but Don't Stay".

I also came to discover that the Kahunas of Molokai were considered very powerful that in fact Molokai remained for a long time one of the islands unconquered by the aggressive Tahitians. One of the old Hawaii story that I came across described how when the Tahitians arrived in their boats the Kahunas and people of Molokai stood in their harbor, chanting, just chanting, as the Tahitians fell dead into the water battle ensued...and with this remarkable display of power, the Tahitians fled...always remaining wary of the powers of the people of Molokai.

So it was not a stretch of imagination to feel that the Kahunas of Molokai had built an energetic wall to shroud off their magical island from outsiders....and certainly the magic and even sorcery of the Kahunas was not something to treat lightly. Kahuna magic was indeed very powerful and requires the utmost respect.

And the Mo'o itself......was it scary? Certainly some of the stories of the Mo'o passed down from generation to generation made the Mo'o out to be a creature of incredible strength and power. The Mo'o was featured in several stories in which he was battled by the shark God, or chased and hunted by a daughter of Pele.....his blood staining the Earth red.., perhaps his screams could even be heard at night in places where battles had ensued.

But what I found intriguing inside myself that was the more I read about the Mo'o...including the fearsome tales....the more my fear spiked, and then dissipated. It seems that knowledge was wearing away my fear. While the stories held truth...were some of them now distorted...or were some of them even masking the true origins and essence of the Mo'o???? This is where my mind was being pulled.


The Preparation: Maui

Feeling comfortable that I had a general lay-of-land to where I needed to go IN Molokai to learn more of the Mo'o....I found that my heart wanted to start this journey with a few days in Maui......a place that on the surface seemed gentler, more approachable. What I later realized was that Maui was indeed an opener for the entry into Molokai.

I quickly realized that I was to spend a few days on the western end of several locales.....the Iao Needle, the crater of Mt Haleakala, a ancient temple of healing and refuge (heiau in Hawaiian), and something labeled "The Dragon's Teeth". And that from the western end of the island, I would be looking straight across at my ultimate destination, Molokai.

The Channel……

A stunning channel of the sea separates Maui from Molokai, and this strait of water felt very important to the work. In fact I had to laugh when I discovered that a good friend of mine had gone to all these exact same points of land, exactly one year before, working with the energy there, and connecting Maui to Molokai thru the channel that separates them. I was later to discover taht Maui and Molokai had once been the same landmass, the rising seas and volcanic actions separating them...yet energetically they were being tied together once again.

Mists of Whales……

The time of my visit, February, also meant the channel was full of whales....birthing new creation, their babies, breaching and spouting so that their giant splashes could be seen a mile or more away against the blue line of Molokai resting in the sea in the distance.

For me, the whales are magnificent beings, their vastness beyond our ability to truly comprehend with our minds, and of the many, many tasks that they were so selfishly and generously performing for mankind -- they are singing the Earths' crystalline grid lines and carrying codes for the creation of the New Earth. The whales also are integrally a part of the the Sirian Star System, and as such, they are imparting much consciousness from the stars to Earth. Being in Hawaii at this time was a special opportunity to be admist their energy and know that the work of understanding more about the Dragon and opening whatever portals of entry and consciousness were meant to be opened, would be assisted in the Vast Creative Web by the Whales.

The Needle……

And so it was that upon arriving in Maui, it was the Iao Needle that drew me into its beam first. Before traveling I had a spectacular dream in which this odd craggy stone "needle", often shrouded in mist, was made entirely of white light, even beaming a ray of light like a beacon in the

night. Later I found a book that said that the name meant "Supreme Light" in older times...but others said differently. I could feel the reverence that the ancient Hawaiians had for this beacon.....I felt peace within when I attuned to it...yet at a certain point in Haw history it was the focus for battles. It was believed at that time that he who could conquer Iao could conquer all of Hawaii. So in King Kam. quest to conquer and unite all the islands under his rule, the Iao Needle took on special significance.

For me, here was the dichotomy, or the separation. From the Iao Needle, I felt bright incredible Light of the Creator…peace and abundance...and yet others had seen it as a place for which Man must conquer in order to Rule Supreme. In visiting Iao for the first time, I could only see its light...and dragons encircling its pointy top. They were flying and swooping and chattering and making all kinds of another dimension...but their Presence had not broken through into our world...for there was too much energy of battle remaining in the land.

Thru one of the many people placed directly on our path to illuminate our way and guide us, we learned of a very large heiau (temple) that lay high atop a river where it met the sea....downstream from the Iao needle and the waters that rushed past it. Standing on top of this old temple one could look at the vast Pacific in one direction ...and know that the Iao needle was just behind in the other direction.....but today one had to look over an industrial complex of factories below....and imagine how far and how much Hawaii has changed.

This overgrown Pihanu Heiau had a large ceremonial are, flanked in one corner by a little area that sat above the large ceremonial platform. Walking through the overgrown grasses that sprung from the heiau I suddenly felt warriors rush out to kill me....surprising, but I found I returned their chopping off my head with this thought: "You can kill me, but it does not matter, because I will just come back to life again, in some form."

It was quite a bizarre experience to feel that the spirits of ancient Hawaii warriors killing me....but to feel no fear… because in that moment my being knew the Truth that Life is Eternal...all of Creation is Eternal...and nothing can ever truly be killed or ended...all of Life just re-creates itself in some form or infinite cycle of Death and Re-Birth .......

Feeling this certainly strongly inside myself I walked to the upper area of the all felt so different...even the grasses and the trees, were physically could feel little fairies playing in under the trees in the tall grass. Ahh, here was the very strong influence of the feminine....a marked contrast to the masculine aggression I had just walked thru.

resting by a arching tree in the shade, overlooking the blue waters of the Pacific, I felt tears and sadness arise from my friend felt the same thing, a my mind, what I felt was that the women of the temple here had worked for generations to hold and preserve the ancient knowledge, the truest knowledge of Creation itself........and somehow, along the way, their Men stopped listening.....the Men turned to warfare and an attempt to Unite ALL...

but it was the Pure Knowledge that the Women had tried to Preserve that KNEW that no one or nothing HAD TO BE UNTIED...ALL WAS ONE...all was already united and one in the truth of Creation......

there was NO NEED to conquer Iao, as the belief went that he who conquered Iao could conquer, and thus UNITE ALL.....for ALL IS ONE....

with a prayer for forgiveness, for remembrance, for release of this sadness, this feeling of loss and not being heard...we slowly left this temple...

to be called to return to Iao once again...

this time I felt something very different than the Supreme Light and Peace I had felt on my first visit...

Now I could see and feel the ghosts of the warriors and their screams of battle ..death and dying, aggression and conquering wonder the loving dragons of light I had seen on my first visit did not want to come into this realm....

but perhaps their were dragons of power and might that were called on to assist in the battle...certainly dragons have been called on in numerous cultures in this way...

but at this time I felt the Dragon, in all its GLORY and TRUE ESSENCE emerge from a place behind the Iao Needle, and WINGED ANGELS surround the top of the Needle...some Angels pounded golden spikes into the ground around the base of the needle....there was a magnificent rush of energy as a dragon portal began to open and the Dragons flew forth...

they and the Angels swept thru the Iao Valley with a great force....sweeping up the battle energy that was stuck in the land, the ghosts of the warriors who had left behind part of their souls in their death upon these dirts, and like a sudden flash flood all this stuck and old and aggressive energy of battle and death was pushed into the stream and sent down river.....

down to the Heaiu where this unstoppable force scraped off the sadness of the women and washed it all out to where the river from the Iao Valley met the sea, a swirling vortex of golden and white and green energy opened and this torrent of battling got washed into this vortex, then thrown back up into the air, transmuted and purified and it all fell back into the sea...where all of CREATION has come from on Earth, returning to SOURCE.........



CHAPTER 4.....




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